C.O.W. #281. Pynok Angels - WIPs Thread
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    C.O.W. #281. Pynok Angels - WIPs Thread

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    For more info and details about the rules go here:


    ROUND #281 Pynok Angels


    ROUND#281: Pynok Angels

    Pynok, the second moon of Ith has opened up for limited tourism and exploration. The moon is covered in clusters of tubular rock structures which vent organic vapors from beneath the earth's crust, hinting at a massive underground network of vents and tributaries. The vapors keep the planet's surface hot and humid. With many new life forms to discover and catalogue, most of the planet is sealed off to tourists. The only animal they tend to see is far off in the distance and far up in the sky. What are called the Pynok angels are large aerial creatures of great beauty, or at least that's the impression folks have gotten seeing them so far away. The creatures reflect incoming celestial light in such a way as to seem to have a halo surrounding them, garnering the nickname. Your task this week is to design these guys.

    Round Requirements:

    - The creatures must be large aerial (winged) creatures
    - The creatures live in a hot, humid environment with an abundance of organic vapor vents
    - The creatures have some highly reflective portion of their body which may or may no create some kind of halo effect when struck by light
    - The creatures should be beautiful, at least from afar


    December 6th, 7:00pm PST (GMT -8 )

    Finals go here: http://conceptart.org/forums/showthr...-Angles-Finals

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