i sadly have to say strait off the bat that none of the work I'm about to post is mine! I'm posting on behalf of a friend of mine i used to work with, he's a bit of a technophobe so I'm trying to do him a favour, his contract has recently run out and he's looking for work so I'm posting some pictures up of his stuff, if you think you know of some one who could use a very good sculptor please pm me and i will pass on details

the girls are about 85mm tall and odin is about 110mm (though pete can work to most scales) pete can work in most materials though generally uses sculpy firm, pete also does his own castings and is an incredibly good painter so your pretty much getting the whole package. shifflett brothers if you know of any one that could use a good sculptor it would be good to hear from you, i will be posting these pics up on your forum when i get a chance as well.
i think its a crying shame that people of pets caliber are finding it hard to find work so what do you guys think