Art: Redoing my basics- is this the right way?
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Thread: Redoing my basics- is this the right way?

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    Question Redoing my basics- is this the right way?

    Hi! I've been around concept art for a few years and been looking at artists, seeing what they're studying,
    found out about Bridgman, Bammes, Loomis, Vilppu, etc and started studying anatomy and figure drawing
    after them. But I am at a point where I think that I rushed to much and my basics are to shaky.

    So now I am getting back to the traditional pen and paper (I mainly sketch and draw using my wacom
    and photo references) and study the sphere, cube, cylinder, setting up my own light and still life composition,
    and after that, I intend to ask my friends to pose for me, so that I can draw the human figure as well. I think
    I neglected the importance of the real life model far enough. Translating 3D objects into a 2D drawing
    is not the same as 2D reference into 2D drawings, that finally got through my thick skull..

    I thought of looking at Vilppu's lectures, but some have said he is good to work after a bit of practice
    because you need a certain way of thinking. And since I tried drawing after his lectures once, and stopped,
    I wonder if it's not to soon to start again? And just do the basic objects now, still life. I found Stan Prokopenkos
    videos on youtube so I thought giving them a try.

    So I ask you guys, what is a good way to get solid basics? Just tell me what to do, and I'll do it. I want to get better!



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    I think that the best way is to re-visit the books but this time change things up. Try to do actual life studies,(e.g drawing your own hand, attending life drawing classes) and try to apply and mix and match what has been taught to you in the books. Keep grinding out drawings from life and you will really improve your foundation as you develop the understand physically what the artists who wrote those books were trying to communicate and interpret.

    Glen Vilppu has some really nice technique he teaches you how to manipulate basic shapes to your will, this allows you to masterfully break down your observational drawings into basic three dimensional shapes.

    I think the best way to learn would be to go and do observational sketches keeping in mind the concepts you got from the books which teach you the "theoretical" principles behind drawing an object, drawing observational drawings will allow you to solidify these concepts in your head as you will understand why the theory is there.

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