I'm ready to invest in myself (plea for guidance)
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Thread: I'm ready to invest in myself (plea for guidance)

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    I'm ready to invest in myself (plea for guidance)

    hey, i know this is not the place for introductions but i think it will help set the stage for what i want to ask of you guys, and if i make some grammar mistakes please forgive me, English is not my first language.

    So my name is Alexandre, you can call me Alex or Sweatie or any variation of my nickname i don't mind.

    Up until today I've been procrastinating more then i should i'm afraid, i'm 22 years old soon to turn 23 (January) and I've been studying cinema
    and all i ever wanted was to draw, when i was little a friend of my dads was an amazing artist, and watching him draw was one of the most amazing things i saw when i was a child (keep in mind that i was a kid maybe he didn't even draw that well ) you might say that if i really loved it i would have been drawing since long ago and not just now looking into seriously improving, and i tried i studied arts in high school but my art teacher was so amazing that she herself could not draw a hand .-turkey, so i learned 0 and got really demotivated,then i didn't have high enough marks for art school (one that actually teaches you stuff and critiques your stuff with accuracy) so i got into Cinema.

    So a couple of months ago i had a real talk with my dad and asked him what he thought of me quitting cinema and just sit at home trying to improve my drawing skills and do my very best to be able to create worlds and characters i so much want to be able to give life to,
    tbh i was expecting him to say no or at least not support me on this, but he actually was pretty supportive saying that he know's what it's like to give up your dream jobs and since he back then he couldn't pursue what he wanted he want to make sure i can, if it's really what i'm sure i want.

    So i realized it's going to be a lot of hard works not exactly drawing what i want o improve my skill, and I've been lurking around here for a long time and i see some people that ask for critique's and then don't do anything about it, i think that's the ultimate disrespect, so i wanted to make sure that when i posted here for help and guidance i was 100% ready so i wouldn't waste anyone's time and prove to be deserving of your advice and help.

    So here i am taking the first step unto the biggest journey i'll ever undertake and i hope you guys can point a way for me to start being active here and be the best artist that i can be.

    what should be my first step? can you guys give me some homework or something like that?

    where should i post and what?

    Thank you so much for your time and thank you for reading all this!

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