Sketchbook: MrStripteas' surprisingly tame sketchbook
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Thread: MrStripteas' surprisingly tame sketchbook

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    MrStripteas' surprisingly tame sketchbook

    Finally got round to making an account. There is only 6 months of college left and I have no idea what the plan is after that so I figured Id get myself into gear and start practising my artistic skills. The plan is one picture/sketch/drawing a week, for at least an hour a day if possible. So yeah, he's what I have so far.
    Anything I can do to better myself or my drawings, by all means, let me know!
    Name:  DayTiemCity.jpg
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    Very quick city skyline

    Name:  NightTimeCity.jpg
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    The night time version of the very quick skyline. This wasn't as quick, but very easy to do once I made the brush.

    Name:  MrRobot.jpg
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    Robot design for college project

    Name:  SirRobot.jpg
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    Same robot design, but the doodles of a bored student applied. Very charming if I do say so.

    Thats it for now, hopefully Ill have some more by the end of the week

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    Nice. I like the Skyline.

    Just some thoughts, I'm no good as it is, so don't take it too seriously;
    On the night skyline I feel like I should be able to see more of the silloutte. Right now it looks just like floating lights. I suppose the buildings would blend in with the dark night sky, but I feel like I should be able to differenciate a little between the sky and buildings. The skyline looks interesting, and I'd like to be able to see it in the night version. Perhaps a little bit of a brighter evening sky would allow for this as well as still allowing to show off the lights. (Or maybe it is just the screen I'm viewing it on, not a screen I normally use for my art stuff, I'll check this later.)
    Nice stuff. Better than what I'm expermenting with.
    I like the robot, nice balance between humanoid and robotic.

    You mention college; are you going to college for an art degree? (I'm stuck in college studying a bunch of other stuff, only recently finding my interest in art.)

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