Hello Artists,

My name is Jason Warnke, I am curating a Megaman inspired Digital Art Gallery. On December 15th I will be opening the proverbial doors to the Digital Gallery here:


The Robot Masters of Capcomís prolific series represented more than an epic figurehead of destruction, they represented aspiration. Stealing the bossí power to defeat the next. Becoming the badass. Saving the world. This project is to pay homage to Megaman and the hordes of Robot Masters he defeated over the last 25 years. The artists of this project have come together to pay tribute to the what we feel is one of the greatest game seriesí of all time. Each extremely talented artist has chosen one Robot Master of a selection of 131 classics and represented them with the artistís unique style and inspiration.

I hope you all enjoy the art. Also, we currently are looking for a few more artists to fill the ranks! If you are interested in doing a Robot Master inspired piece for the show, please email me! -- Megamanbossbattle@gmail.com