Digital painting, help/tips?
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    Digital painting, help/tips?

    Hi everyone.
    I'm not coming a lot over here but I'm going to ask for help anyway, I feel it's kinda rude so sorry about that ^^...
    I've been working on my first real digital painting recently, and tho it started pretty well I've been stuck on some points for a few days now...
    Before I go into more details, here's a few pics :
    Lines :


    Color only:

    So as you might see I got some position problem on the right shoulder pad and the right side of the torso, I'm wondering whether I can make it better only with coloring and if so how? I really don't know how to approach this part of the painting.
    I'm also generally having trouble with the big parts in general, I'm kinda new to colors and I don't really now how I could achieve with the torso something that look as good as the helmet (I like what I did there but I'm still open to critic/tips on that part).
    Anyway, any critic/tip/comment is welcome, if that's important for some I'm working on gimp with a wacom bamboo pen and touch tablet.

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