Hey there guys

A general discussion
3D vs 2D concept artist or both
Sorry for me generalizing things but I think this is a very good topic to see the differences in peoples views.
Its not about which is better but tell me:

Why do you like 3D or concept art or both ?
What are the differences to you ?
Is 3D more Technical and concept artist more artistic?
Do they both get equal pay in salary?
Do you have to draw for 3D, does it help?

These are example questions, I like to ask or other people please input your thoughts and ask questions too.
I saw a thread in polycount about why do 3D artist do more work and not get paid as much as a concept artist?
The thread was close but I decide to answer this in hear.

I believe a concept artist gets equal pay with a 3D artist but I know that in the game industry or film industry there is only
1 or 2 concept artists, maybe a few designers but the concept artist skillsets require alot of fundamental traditional drawing skills, and need to study alot of architect, science, biology,anatomy, figure drawing, knowing about the world, so I believe these artist work a lot too. 3D is very technical but you can learn these skills and trained at a school.

Thanks everyone, Now discuss, wrong or rights , critique!