Wacom PL-1600 (aka DTU-1631 in the USA) Quick Review
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Thread: Wacom PL-1600 (aka DTU-1631 in the USA) Quick Review

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    Wacom PL-1600 (aka DTU-1631 in the USA) Quick Review

    Hey all,

    I finally had a chance to do a quick review of the Wacom PL-1600 (aka DTU-1631 in the USA). If you can probably tell from Googling, it's very hard to find a review of ANY kind on this device, as it seems not many people are considering this over Cintiqs.

    Well, I'm here to tell you that at less than half the price, they are pretty damn good. This is the 16" 720p wide-screen version.

    Firstly the box:

    Standard plain box, but has the Wacom Logo.

    Side of the box in case anyone is interested.

    Box Contents: All cables (EU & UK Main plugs), Driver CD, USB a-B Cable, DVI-to-DVI, DVI-to-VGA, PSU brick unit, quickstart guides. Also includes 4 replacement Nibs!

    It's worth noting that the power brick is not the best build quality, and is very light. But it does the job.

    Here she is unpacked. She's 16", the actual screen size is the same size as an A4 sheet of paper which for many people is plenty. It has an adjustable mechanism on the back so you can ly it almost flat or standing. The only button on the front is the power button.

    Installation was easy as pie. Connect the screen up to VGA/DVI and a free USB port, power up your PC/Laptop. Extend the display to it as an extra (or main) then install the driver software. Only took about 5 mins.

    Once installed, configuration is just like any other Wacom tablet. Adjust your sensitivity to your liking (I set it to be softer, just a personal thing).

    ...BUT. How it it in use for Photoshop and pressure with 'only' 512 levels? Pretty damn good once you set it up correctly. Here is a quick example video I did with CS5:

    Finally a comparison for size, a 500ml Coke bottle:

    Features: 7/10 - It's not a Cintiq so lacks extra buttons on the front, but it does it's job well.
    Build Quality: 8/10 - Let down by the poor Power brick, the unit itself is of exceptional quality and is sturdy and well built. Screen picture quality is also excellent.
    Usability: 8/10 - Pressure sensitivity is not as good as a genuine Cintiq and might not be quite how you like it out the box, but can be adjusted.
    Price: 9/10 - possible 844 from an Online retailer is a bargain.


    8.5/10 - If you are a student or cant afford a Cintiq, this should be a serious contender.

    Thanks for reading, hope this helps people!

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