WIP - Rainbow serpent. Looking for criques, tips etc
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Thread: WIP - Rainbow serpent. Looking for criques, tips etc

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    WIP - Rainbow serpent. Looking for criques, tips etc

    Presently working on a new picture. Normally I just do character design with no backgrounds so this is something of a challenge for me.
    At present it is very rough because I want to nail down basic composition and colours first.

    The story it is based on is a myth about how the giant rainbow serpent wandered the country and found there was no water. It then found some frogs hiding in a cave storing huge amounts of water in themselves. So it called them out and tickled them to get them to laugh up the water which ran into the paths the rainbow serpent had made during its wanderings to create the country's water ways. Like all myths the actual story varies depending on who is telling it but that's the basic version I'm following.

    As mentioned at the moment I want to try and get the composition and colours worked out. The rainbow serpent is supposed to be giant and I've made one of the frogs large too to make interaction between the two easier. I'm thinking of having some smaller frogs near the waterway which are also thinner to suggest the size is due to the water and also to make the size of the snake and frog clearer. The colours presently are focusing on warm colours (yellow to red) and blue because these are the colours I associate with that area of Australia.

    Any advice would be welcome. I'll update as I continue to adjust and polish the work.
    Thanks in advance.

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    EDIT: added another thumb. I had two others but apparently I saved over them (embarrassed)

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