Sketchbook: Gorbax' Road
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Thread: Gorbax' Road

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    Gorbax' Road

    Hello everyone!
    I recently started my 1st bachelor year of Digital Arts & Entertainment, and one of my Pre-Production teachers said it might be a good idea for us to start a sketchbook here!
    I've lurked around for a while already, and though I find posting a bit intimidating (how could I ever measure up to the artists here?), I'm sure everything will work out.

    So without further ado, here are the first sketches and pieces I'll look back on later and melancholically smile at!

    Name:  Scan0066b.JPG
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Size:  251.6 KB
    A sketch for an assignment on perspective. The assignment I handed it didn't have the vanishing points in-frame, though I couldn't be bothered to do the same for this sketch up. Should I have?

    Name:  Scan0067b.jpg
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Size:  252.1 KB
    Some thumbnails for the next assignment; a medieval bridge in perspective.

    Name:  Scan0068b.jpg
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Size:  242.0 KB
    Sketch of the bridge on A4 before my final piece on A3. For some reason, this sketch got incredibly dirty, even though it has been in my sketchbook like the rest of my sketches (which are fine). Does anyone have any ideas as to why the others are fine but this one isn't? I wouldn't want to find my other work gradually being destroyed as well, even if they're just sketches.

    Name:  Scan0069b.jpg
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Size:  296.4 KB
    Thumbnails for a city-scene. I had to hand in all the thumbnails relevant to the actual finished piece as part of the assignment, and sadly I did not think of scanning them in before doing so. I hope I'll get them back at one point, so maybe I'll get a chance to upload those (and the actual work) later.

    Name:  Scan0070b.jpg
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Size:  237.3 KB
    First class of shading! I feel very comfortable with the technique I'm using, though I'm of course always looking for critique and/or remarks.

    Name:  GSMFoto001b.jpg
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Size:  244.6 KB
    You'll have to forgive the low quality of this picture taken with my cellphone. It doesn't do the drawing justice, though the sphere seems to have made it out okay. This was the (at that point unfinished) assignment I handed in.

    Name:  Scan0071b.jpg
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    This is generally how I sketch out things quickly. Any comments on these? Since they serve as a basis for most of my drawings, I'd like some comments or tips on them. Do I write too much?

    Name:  shading_thumb1-4b.jpg
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    Four studies on how I might place my lighting. Line-art by my teacher.

    That's it for now, I'm sure there will be much more to follow!

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