This is sort of an introductory post, and I'm kind of hoping for some general comments on my work, as I've actually never had anyone critique it (well not that I know of to my face). But now I have the problem of picking a few semi-recent pieces to try and get a decent overall look. >< Anyways, here we go, comments are greatly appreciated, whether on the sketches themselves or things you notice in general.

My favorite kinds of art seemed to be mixed media works, and concept art. Here I quickly ran over some clothing ideas for a desert-type character.

I was watching TV one morning, and there were several shows concerning UFOs and Area 51. In red and white conté and a smudgy pencil, a third of which came off on my pants when I absent-mindedly turned the page and placed the sketchbook on my lap. =)

A general anatomy study. I am bad at human anatomy, let's leave it at that. This was referenced from one of my books.

The top of this page was some ideas for a possible piece. The bottom part is a semi-dissappointing render of a critter I'm developing, a "Terrakye".

Two more fun things. One, a silly chameleon in openCanvas, and then another in-development critter in MSPaint.

Finally, to prove I do finish things (sometimes). I did three mechanical thingies on a pulled apart paper lunchbag with pencil, inkypen/black marker, prisma-col markers (*drool*), and my handy-dandy whiteout. This version was also played with in Photoshop a bit.

If you have nothing to do, and these are somewhat interesting, more of my work is at , and a few speedpaints at my Side7 gallery

Thanks for looking!