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Thread: Model Box or whatever its called

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    Question Model Box or whatever its called

    I was making this little 'Model box' or so I call it; obviously for drawing stuff under an artificial light. Basically I wanted to push my value studies, so I'm spray painting white onto small objects / cheap toys, then drawing them.

    What this allows me to do is swap the sheets on the sides to anything I place. Also its a nice little semi-permanent setup to have, actually makes me want to draw; having to use makeshift supports all the time wasn't fun. Funnily enough I never thought about the lighting setup until now. I blindly went ahead and bought 2 bulbs, 8W and 5W; both are CFLs @ standard 6500k. I thought of a 3 point light system, but then it felt like an overkill for such a small setup. I tried to get tungsten bulbs cause I like the color of the thing, but it's hard to get hold of one.

    I've got the frame nearly ready (some riveting left), and its basically a 60cm x 50cm x 50cm cube.
    Here's a quick sketch. I'll get a photo up tomorrow morning.
    Name:  drawingbox.jpg
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    So far everything's out of scrap stuff, with the bulbs being the only stuff I purchased.

    I'd like some advice on a nice lighting setup. Should I fix just one lamp? Where should the set it? Do I really need a 3 point setup for value studies?
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    Yes...a single light source is best. Set it wherever necessary - it will likely change with each study.
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    just wondering what happen to the photo you was going to post? lol
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    Whatever it's called
    A shadow box.

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