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Thread: Need help finding an animation about a girl growing up, wildebeests, and a forest.

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    Red face Need help finding an animation about a girl growing up, wildebeests, and a forest.

    I don't know if this is really what this particular board is for, but I am in dire need of help finding an animation! I've been tearing what little hair I have out for weeks trying to figure it out.

    If someone does know it, and you happen to link it, I think most will agree it's a kickass animation. And I will appreciate it more than can be conveyed through a forum.


    It's about 4 minutes long, and doesn't have any dialogue. It looks anime influenced (Kinda reminded me of a Ghibli style: It's very soft, warm, and friendly). If I remember correctly, it was made independently. I saw it on YouTube, though the artist did have a green and white portfolio website which had scant few pieces (but the pieces that were there kicked ass). I think the music used was from an artist with Australia in the name, or had Australia in the song title, or they were from Australia. The song name had something to do with lights. It was a melancholic track, kind of reminded me of Explosions in the Sky with lyrics. If someone happens to know the song I'm talking about, that'd help too.

    The animation itself is about a young girl who starts out playing in the forest with these wildebeest like animals with thick shaggy coats and big horns. The animation completely focuses on her and these beasts. It takes place entirely in the forest save for one or two shots of her home, car, and a friend. Throughout her "younger years" in the animation, she wears bandanna with two wooden horns to make her look more like the Wildebeest. She rests with them, runs with them, and splashes them in water and stuff. It's all breathtakingly adorable. She eventually has to go to school, and the wildebeest things are all bummed out, and they stalk up on her doing homework in her window at night. They really miss her, but she's off growing up. Anyway, the animation goes on, and she eventually moves away. There's a distinct moment where she looks back over her shoulder and runs into the woods, picking up her old bandanna & wooden horns to go looking for the Wildebeests, but they're gone. She heads off, and it turns to night and the final shot is of the Wildebeests running over a hill under the stars.

    I saw it about April/May this year, and I've been trying to re-locate it ever since. (I think it was around a year old at the time).

    I really want to see this animation again, and yes I know I should have favorited/liked/bookmarked/something'd it... but I didn't. Won't make the same mistake twice.

    With these details, someone who knows the animation/the name of it will be able to tell which one I'm talking about, but someone who doesn't will be on the same wild goose chase I am.

    Thank you very much.
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    If this isn't it, I don't know what else it might be:

    Apparently the video was done for the Australian band Goyte by Mechanical Apple Boutique Animation: LINK

    And in case you're wondering how I found it, I Google searched "ghibli inspired, animated" on YouTube and it was a tiny thumbnail a couple rows down of what appeared to be a little girl running thru a dark forest that was obviously not from Studio Ghibli itself (well, I was optimistic that it wasn't anyways).
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    Oh my goodness, that's it! That's the one! That's it!! I really hoped ya'll would come through!

    Thank you so much burning_chrome, I appreciate it so much. You're a boss man, a boss.

    I never really thought of searching how you did.. I guess I'll have to keep that nuance of your google fu in mind for the future. You found it real quick, and I was completely lost on my search.
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