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Thread: Anti-drug-college-students

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    Quote Originally Posted by Velocity Kendall View Post
    i think one of the big problems is "drugs" is used to encompass harmless or only slightly harmful things like weed and mushrooms and e, and very dangerous ones like heroin and crack.

    its like saying you shouldnt have a house cat because tigers will kill you, ie scaremongering.
    That's pretty much exactly it.. And I have to say as a tattoo artist I'm almost constantly meeting people who do or are on drugs and generally they only ask once if you would like to participate and once I politely decline it's almost never brought up again, I don't think ive been pressured to do a drug in my adult life.. I'm sure as teenagers there's a lot of pressure because you want your friends to be into the same stuff as you but as an adult that kinda fades and is much less of an issue.

    And I wish people would stop using college students as examples, there is an entire other world besides college. College seems like its own universe where people act retarded and do stupid things in abundance, even the students not using drugs. It's like that perfect age where your hormones completely over ride your logical thinking.

    I've seen a lot of things in my adult life, but some of the things people are saying about drug users seem like some crazy stuff out of a made for tv movie or an afterschool special.. In my line of work I'm around drugs users most of the time and most of them aren't crazy addicts or retarded from brain damage, they are regular people with jobs and families.. You know who the jobless failures at life I see are, they are the alcoholics. People who convince themselves they need to drink to function, then continue to drink until they can't function.. The only people I've known to overdose, overdosed on Xanax and loratabs..

    This is just personal experience living very close to that type of culture, but not participating in drug use myself.

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