Hey everyone!
Finally decided to register and start my own sketchbook. I just wanna improve so badly and not give up or give in to procrastination.
I have been drawing as a kid and loved drawing step-by-step books and also went to an art school in primary school and later in high school. I wasn't really satisfied with what they teach you there, so was never motivated. So as I grew older I had a on and off relationship with art/drawing ...but I cant go on like this anymore. I know there's an artist within me just waiting to come out. I just need to pull through the hard and mundane parts and always keep in my mind that I can only get better. I always had an issue with self-discipline but I've been fighting hard to rise above it and lose that bad habit.

Anyways... enough of that...

If you guys can just help me out with any critique or tips, it will be very much appreciated. Thank you so much!

...here we go

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