I have another account. I am posting anonymously because I知 afraid this may be a dumb question.

I知 in my late 20s. I have no degree. I知 going back to school to major in something not related to art. My goal is to be an artist but I do not want to major in art. I have been through an atelier program so I don稚 think art school can teach me much that I do not already know. I want a degree for the sake of having one. I'm motivated by an interest in learning something. I heard some companies such as Disney will throw out your resume if you do not have a degree.

The problem is.. my friend is trying to convince me I will never make it as an artist if I study something other than art. They think I am giving up on my career and ruining my chances of success. I think this is wrong but I thought I might get a more informed opinion from the people of this forum.