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Thread: Imaginative Art and the Marketplace

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    There is a lot of truth in that Dpaint. I would still like to think it's possible to put a bit of yourself into your work even if you are fulfilling commercial obligations, like painting a book cover whilst maintain integrity. But I totally agree that the best work would come out if artist were freed or freed themselves from these commercial restrictions and started painting what they want to see not what they are being told to paint. But I still believe that the subject matter can still stay close to what we see today. Just be handled with a bit more maturity, depth and care. I guess it boils down to the individual and where they might want to take their career. But working for a corporation can be a seemingly secure and guaranteed income source. However I agree that this should not be the only or even ultimate goal of any artist. Me personally I would always rather paint what I wanted to see first an not be a slave to another persons vision. But despite all this I still think with the constraints and limitations placed upon them many commercial artist today are still producing work that is good and meaningful. You are right when you hint at the point that many people are trying to fill up their portfolios with images that they think hit all the right buttons and will land them the right job asap. It would be nice if a bit more thought went into it at times. I just don't agree with this notion that expressing your vision through classical literature or religious iconography is the only way to produce great Imaginative art or that it confers any special or elevated status.

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