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    Quote Originally Posted by Kolbenito View Post
    How the hell does Rothko No. 1 sell for 75 million dollars, and Illustrative art from the Silver era is not worthy?

    I'll be honest, I find the Modern Art scene somewhat offensive and the pretentious pseudo intellectual soul searching that goes along with it ridiculous. What prompts someone to spend that kind of money on something their children could probably do? Oh yeah, it's really about elitism and owning something other people want that have a lot of money that makes it worth the price. Excuse me for being skeptical but I think that is all there is to it.
    Read ‘The Painted Word’ by Tom Wolfe, if you haven’t.
    Here’s an excerpt that sets the stage:

    My favorite modern art quote comes from the 1987 movie Wall Street.
    “This painting here? I bought it ten years ago for sixty thousand dollars, I could sell it today for six hundred [thousand]. The illusion has become real, and the more real it becomes, the more desperately they want it. Capitalism at it's finest.” – Gordon Gekko

    Quote at 1:28

    Got to love the contrasting(?) kid's art on the wall:
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