Let me start by stating clearly that this is not a paying gig. This is an opportunity for aspiring artist that want to get there foot into the doorways of the comic world through small publishers and indie comics that after a completed book will publish and sell the books as well as promote you and your work. The Publisher aside from heavy promotions on social networks they do the footwork with getting booths at multiple conventions year-round. As well as getting you seats at those booths. This is not for everybody, but this is a good way to get a couple of titles under yer' belt.

If you are interested please e-mail me at Mr.JApgar at Yahoo.com

the first book I'm looking for is a detective esc book that deals with insanity and summoning ancient gods through the use of the Occult.
(looking for a darker gritty style, very noir meets Ashley Wood.)

The second is a zombie quarantine book that takes place entirely around and near downtown Pittsburgh.
(think mixing the walking dead, resident evil, and night of the living dead) this book has a large cast of very different characters so you must be able to depict a multiple of different looking people (builds, sex, race, nobody should look like siblings pretty much)

if you e-mail me i will get back to you.