Help needed with composition
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Thread: Help needed with composition

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    Help needed with composition

    Hello, I'm new. What an amazing - and slightly intimidating - place this is! Your standards are through the roof. Submitting my shoddy work feels rather like throwing myself off it, but Geronimo anyway.

    I'm working on a watercolour. I've never done backgrounds or composition before (I never even knew composition was a Thing until two or three weeks ago) so the whole thing is rather basic. After a few thumbnails I made a digital sketch to faff around with composition and value. On the left, the initial sketch. On the right, the corrections I made today.

    Name:  Summer-WIP-1.png
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Size:  160.6 KB Name:  Summer-WIP-2.png
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    The figure feels a bit more dynamic now, but his legs look even weirder than before. After staring at them for so long I no longer know what to make of them, but I'm pretty sure they're too long, given the perspective; he also looks like he's jiggling on the spot. I'm not happy with the last hill, either. Though there's a bit more shape to it this time, it still looks like a cardboard cutout with a tree floating before it: any ideas what I could do to fix this? I tried adding mountains in the distance, which helped with depth but made things even more cramped. There's a person under the tree and I might add a couple more - but again, cramped.

    What serious problems have I missed? Should I add more figures? Is it balanced? Is it boring?

    Rip it apart.

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