wacom intuos4 broken line segments instead of full line
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Thread: wacom intuos4 broken line segments instead of full line

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    wacom intuos4 broken line segments instead of full line

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    When I try to draw a line in Photoshop CS5, I get broken line segments instead of a whole line. Anyone know what's causing this. I remember seeing this somewhere also, but couldn't track the thread down. Any help would be apreciated.

    Edit: I've checked diagnostics in the tablet properties. While moving the pen around and checking the pen pressure %, it seems to drop to 0% every so often (every couple of seconds). This seems to confirm the fact that the above issue also occurs in the "Customize tip feel" window/box where you can draw a line to test the tip feel curve.

    The intuos4 is brand new, recently bought.

    Black is tip pen, grey is eraser which doesn't seem to exibit the same issue.
    When I keep pressure on the tip and tilt it in different directions, the pressure % jumps to 0% in diagnostics, then back to actual pressure %. Eraser seems to be fine though.
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    wacom drivers 6.3.3-4
    Intuos4 medium
    Windows 7 64bit
    Photoshop CS5

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