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    God save the Queen! The ConceptArt.Org Workshop is coming to the UK- Instructor List

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    After a 3 year break, the ConceptArt.Org Workshops have returned. This time we are headed to the U.K. this May, for what will be the most inspiring, life-changing event we have ever put together. We will have news to share in the coming days but thought you might like to have a sneak peek at some of the brilliant, talented professionals whom will be joining us for the big show. This list is going to keep growing by the day. We are just getting started, and are honored entirely.

    Michael Hussar
    Visionary Fine Artist - Los Angeles
    God save the Queen!  The ConceptArt.Org Workshop is coming to the UK- Instructor List

    Raphael Lacoste - Art Director and Brand Art Director - Ubisoft - (the Assassins Creed series)

    Name:  relaxing_on_rooftop_by_raphael_lacoste-d5kz0vz.jpg
Views: 14369
Size:  202.3 KB

    Kekai Kotaki - Senior Concept Artist - (the Guild Wars series)
    Name:  Fantasy-Kekai-Kotaki-Ride-992x555.jpg
Views: 14558
Size:  523.5 KB

    Graydon Parrish - Museum collected Fine Artist - Foremost expert on color theory worldwide.
    Name:  IMG_7505-1.JPG
Views: 13216
Size:  194.6 KB

    James Kei- Fine Artist and Senior Concept Artist - Formerly at Valve Software and Massive Black
    Name:  kei.jpg
Views: 12655
Size:  596.7 KB

    Marc Taro Holmes
    - former Microsoft Art Director and now Freelance Senior Concept Artist - EA: Bioware - Mass Effect Series
    Name:  Montreal_10nov13_stenfantjesusdemontreaLO.jpg
Views: 12253
Size:  662.1 KB

    Velocity Kendall - Senior Industrial Designer and Concept Artist (Independent) and Faculty at TAD
    Name:  VKendall.jpg
Views: 12512
Size:  166.3 KB

    Brett Briley - Senior Character Artist - id software
    Name:  briley2.jpg
Views: 14779
Size:  401.9 KB

    Randis Albion - Art Director, Senior Concept Artist, 3D artist - Square Enix, Brilliant Colors, Riot Games[/B]

    Name:  street_fighter_25th_anniversary_by_randis-d59r3i4.jpg
Views: 11844
Size:  713.7 KB

    Bengal - Art Director, Senior Concept Artist, Graphic Novelist - (Independent)
    Name:  bengal.jpg
Views: 14898
Size:  546.3 KB

    Justin Lassen - Entertainment Industry Composer - Underworld, Madonna, Lenny Kravitz- (Independent)
    Name:  3755529348-1.jpg
Views: 11190
Size:  380.2 KB

    Herb Ellwood - Senior Interface Designer - THQ and Faculty at TAD (Age of Empires series, Darksiders series)
    Name:  Darksiders-2-Wallpaper-yuiphone-Smoke1920x1080.jpg
Views: 11997
Size:  493.5 KB

    Jason Felix - Senior Concept Artist, Digital Fine Artist - EA (Dead Space series, Girl with a Dragon Tattoo Film)

    Name:  felix.jpg
Views: 12781
Size:  781.2 KB

    Dorian Iten - Fine Artist - Faculty at TAD

    Name:  640_2c079b60ff159b0d7431043ed003ef49.jpg
Views: 11279
Size:  59.3 KB

    Jeffrey Rose esq. - The leading entertainment industry IP attorney and art/entertainment business legal adviser.

    Name:  home.jpg
Views: 10848
Size:  79.1 KB

    Phil Holland - Cinematographer, Photographer and Film Maker -Independent- (Narnia and many others)

    Name:  WoflmanSetPhotos_0026.jpg
Views: 12058
Size:  664.2 KB

    Jason Manley- Founder ConceptArt.Org, Founder of TAD, CEO - Brilliant Colors - (God of War Ascension, Starcraft 2, Diablo 3, Rage, LOL).
    Name:  God of War 3 Logo (1).png
Views: 13026
Size:  109.4 KB

    Jama Jurabaev - Concept Artist - The Moving Picture Company and recipient of the TAD Full Ride Scholarship.
    Name:  jama.jpg
Views: 11346
Size:  151.3 KB

    Irene Gallo - Art Director - Tor Books, Educator. (Image by Richard Matheson, Art Directed by Ms. Irene Gallo)

    Name:  Earth.jpg
Views: 11210
Size:  66.0 KB

    Greg Manchess- Illustrator - National Geographic, Richard Solomon - esteemed Fine Artist.
    God save the Queen!  The ConceptArt.Org Workshop is coming to the UK- Instructor List

    Whit Brachna - Senior Concept Artist - Fine Artist - Independent/Freelance - formerly at Massive Black Inc. (Fallout New Vegas, Halo 4)
    Attachment 1637997

    Alessandro Baldasseroni - Lead Character Artist - Blur - (Mass Effect 2, Brink, and more)
    Name:  freak_table.jpg
Views: 25363
Size:  566.6 KB

    And soon to be "unlocked" and unveiled!

    Senior Character Designers

    Senior Environment Designers
    Senior Environment Artist
    Senior Industrial Designer
    Senior Marketing Artist
    Visual Effects Supervisor
    Senior Storyboard Artist
    Story Director
    Anatomy guru
    Creative Business Development Strategist
    Senior Matte Painter
    Senior Toy Designer
    Toy Industry Guru
    Comic Book Art Director
    Senior Comics Artist

    Games Industry Art Director
    Film Industry Art Director
    Executive Producer
    Marketing and PR Director
    Technology Gurus
    Graphic Design Director

    Animation Director
    Senior Animator - Games
    Senior Animator - Games
    Senior Animator - Film
    Senior Rigging guru - Film/Games
    3D Art Director - Games/Film
    Senior 3D Artists - Characters
    Senior 3D Environment Artist - Games
    Senior 3D Vehicle Artist - Hard Surface
    Feature Film Director
    Feature Film Producer
    Animated Film Director
    Toys and Entertainment Distributor (gotta know how to get your stuff out in the world right?)
    Art Gallery Director
    Personal Branding Guru
    and don't for get the DJ's

    Name:  Slide1.JPG
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Size:  146.9 KB

    Name:  Slide5.JPG
Views: 4171
Size:  107.7 KB

    Name:  Slide2.JPG
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    Name:  Slide4.JPG
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    Name:  Slide7.JPG
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    Name:  Slide3.JPG
Views: 4069
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    Name:  Slide6.JPG
Views: 4081
Size:  113.6 KB

    ***Refunds are available in full until April 15 2013, minus paypal transfer fees associated.

    *subject to change, as always.
    Attached Images Attached Images    
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    YES! This is awesome

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    Woohoo awesome Manley! i am so going, can't wait!
    My sketchbook:

    My brothers sketchbook:

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    To hell with circumstances; I create opportunities.
    My Sketchbook-



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    I am SO going.

    "I may not be there yet, but I'm closer than I was yesterday."

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    Oh, wow. Within striking distance. I don't really follow TAD things, much, and for how long?
    I was once on the receiving end of a critique so savagely nasty, I marched straight out of class to the office and changed my major (sketchbook).

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    Looking forward to it!
    Emrah Elmasli
    Concept Artist & Illustrator

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    For clarity, this is a very special ConceptArt.Org event.. TAD has workshops, but they are in the summer and winter in the US and last for three weeks and are for students. The CA workshops are for everyone, and end up being a good mix of professionals, industry leaders, students, hobbyists and even beginners. I think our youngest last time was nine. He was super talented too..we set him up with an internship at a game company since he was a really special kid. The workshops are normally 4 days. We will have some announcements soon. Thanks for asking too.

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    This looks killer!!! Too bad I wont be able to make it Next time its in the US, I'll be there!

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    It's going to be crazy Can't wait to see you all.
    God save the Queen!  The ConceptArt.Org Workshop is coming to the UK- Instructor List

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    Can't wait to meet all you guys and steal your magic pencils. Discussing this with people on other sites and the main concern with London is price for accomodation. I think as long as you book a room as soon as the dates are announced you should be alright, it'll be expensive, but if you wait until nearer the time it'll double or triple the price. Any Londoners with tips on best hotels would be great, although knowing the venue will help which one to pick.

    "I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat." - Winston Churchill

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    I would like to hike to the North Pole. I have a shoe and a ham sandwich. What do I do next?

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    We will try to do some negotiating with the hotels. Hang in there. We can sometimes get pretty deep discounts. We will try our best. 400 people showing up is a good chunk of cash and the hotels may bend if we get enough rooms blocked out.

    We have not done one of these in almost 3 years (which is incredible to me that it has been so long...), so I have no clue when we will do another in the future. We are going to party like it is our last, and with the instructors whom are still confirming, coming on board, it is going to be the best one to date. I'm stoked!


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    This Sounds great, please keep us all posted and I too will see in the new year if I can make it.


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    I really hope I can attend and afford it. I know it sounds like a once in a lifetime opportunity for someone like me. Also hope some of the other TAD faculty can come like Marshall Vandruff, George Pratt, John English, Jon Foster and Sterling Hundley as it would be brilliant to see them talk in person. I'm really excited.

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