Hi all,

I just got a bunch of art books today in the mail (Bammes, Valerie Winslow and William Maughan), and I've been reading Maughan's The Artist's Complete Guide to Drawing the Head and practicing along since morning. These are my first anatomy / drawing books, everything else I've bought so far were animation related.

To the point, Mr. Maughan continually expresses utter distaste towards the use of lines, whether it be a border, an outline or even a simple straight line (if believability was the aim). At first I was able to easily ignore his claims, which is probably a psychological counter-action my mind took, considering all I've been doing so far has been lines and blocking within them; I really didn't want to believe him. But you can't ignore it forever, since the books all about that.

He has slowly quite convinced me to disregard the use of lines now (and I'm not even past 30 pages), through his descriptions and visual examples. Everything is value and form. There are no lines in nature.

This brings me to the question; should I be from now on, do all my practices in values? I feel quite apprehensive about drawing even simple outlines and contour drawing now, thinking it is bad practice. Many thoughts and techniques present in the book are revelations to me, but this one is stuck in my head. And its starting to act like an invisible gate keeper. Its difficult for me to completely accept it though; I find it hard to constuct positions of forms and connections purely with values. Maybe it's a matter of practice?

Should I really be all this concerned? Ofcourse, many great artists and teachers use outlines and figures with contours in their books.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject.