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Thread: C.O.W. #280. Game Critter: Spitter - VOTING!

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    C.O.W. #280. Game Critter: Spitter - VOTING!

    Round #280 - Voting!

    Topic: Game Critter: Spitter

    Deadline for voting: December 4th, 2012

    Round Requirements:

    - The creatures must be capable of firing long-range projectiles via its own anatomy
    - The creatures must be stationary or only capable of the most minimal of movements (think snail speed)
    - The creatures should feel like they could belong in an action game
    - There must be little to no background present in the design sheet
    - There should be 4 variations on similar concepts for the design sheet
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    Artka Spitters

    Artist: Artka

    Concept: Spitters

    Basically they all attack spitting acid through their mouths, I tried to keep that consistent since I changed their appearance quite a bit.
    They were also supposed to be stationary or almost stationary, in my case all of them are able to move (slowly), I tried to give them a lot of weight to convey this slow movement.
    The scale was very important in this case, they are a special group among their own species, growing larger, sacrificing their mobility while developing vesicles where they can storage "extra" gastric acid, which serves them as a very deadly and ranged weapon.

    Name:  spitting2res.jpg
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    Artist: scorge

    Concept: Spitters
    Acid, saliva laden with boogers, hot lava and straight up nasty slime are a few of the options available with this set of Spitters. Use them against your hero to incite mayhem and utter frustration, leading to serious loss of hit points and downright demoralizing feelings of being insulted. Available for all those who want to add a little more bodily-fluid flinging action to their platform.
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    Check it out
    Blog, we've all got em:
    Creatures Galore!
    Full gallery o'
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    Artist: lkjhgfdsa

    Concept: Creymaster Chrysalis Critters - Spitters
    Creymaster critters have invaded earth. They are parasitic and feed from whatever their creymaster attaches itself to and grow into whatever form their hivemind demands of them. These 4 are spitter variants.
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    Artist: klaustrophil

    Concept: Spitters

    So here`s my very first entry. My 4 variations attack by spitting poison or acid. They are sea shell like creatures that can`t really move. Except the snail-like creature.
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    Artist: Whiskey Sour

    Concept: Spitters

    This is an Animal/Plant hybrid able to spit a short distance with their flower stigma, a secondary mouth able to defend head on against melee predators, a small tree on their backs to get energy from the sun, and large feet to turn, re-position, and provide stability for this creature. 1) African savanna 2) desert 3) reptile 4) aquatic
    Name:  CoW#280_WhiskeySour.jpg
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    Artist: fireframe

    Concept: Living catapult (spitters)

    Produces some sort of toxic goo or jelly on the end of a spoon- or shovel-like arm and throws it like a catapult.

    Name:  livingcatapult-finals.jpg
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    Artist: Daniel Hurd

    Concept: Spitters from Earth 2178
    Wow for this COW I almost gave up after seeing all the talent in the WIP thread. I felt I didn't stand a chance against such skilled artists. However I remembered the real reason I am here- to learn and develop as an artist and hopefully to eventually do concept art professionally. I really have to thank everyone in the WIP thread for the kind words and amazing critiques. There is so many awesome talented folks on this site! I look forward to seeing everyone's designs! Good luck!

    The year 2178 on planet Earth. It's a very different world. Humans had to abandon it because toxicity levels became far too high to sustain human life. The animals had no option though and were forced into evolving. These creatures are all very different but employ a similar tactic- spitting.
    *The top left corner is a spitting reptile that clings to cave walls and waits for prey to haplessly crawl past.
    *The top right is a large burrowing creature that lives in the great lava fields that were once the American midwest. It too uses a specialized tongue capable of delivering a paralyzing toxin on it's prey.
    *The bottom left corner is a alien critter- it crashed to earth in a meteorite and has adapted to life on earth. It has a specialized organ that erupts from above it's large single eye. This organ spit's out toxic gas and spores that infect and melt prey- this way the creature can easily consume it's meal without chewing.
    *The bottom right corner is a large mammal related to seals and walruses of the past. It lives on the acidic sea shore of the new arctic. It is extremely slow moving and spits foul smelling vomit to scare away predators.

    Thanks for looking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Name:  final280Hurd2.jpg
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    Artist: j.Zhang

    Concept: Spitters

    All of these creatures burrow themselves and remain in one place, they spend most of their lives sleeping, and waiting patiently for unsuspecting prey to wander along.

    From left to right:
    -shoots poisonous saliva at target (eats poisonous fruits and flowers), lives in forests, commonly found in batches of gargantuan wild flowers.
    -shoots large wads of saliva at target, saliva freezes upon ejecting since it lives in arctic climates. Suppliments its projectiles by warming its body to melt the surrounding snow/ice, absorbing it and spitting it out.
    -shoots teeth-like projectiles, lives in marsh-lands
    -shoots corrosive saliva a target, lives in ancient caves with volatile conditions, the environment it lives in makes it radioactive

    @Daniel_Hurd glad you finished the c.o.w =] if you keep that attitude up, you've already won half the battle.

    Name:  j.zhang-spitters-1920px.jpg
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    Artist: Marco Ferrigno

    Concept: Critter Spitter - Belcher
    In every game theres an enemy creature that can be a bit deceptive when it comes to taking it down, quite often you'l spend a round of ammo blasting away at a large armored area thats very visible and draws your attention when theres actually a smaller weak point somewhere else on the body. My idea with this creature was to go with a fat acid belching mess of a beast that draws your attention to the distended body rather than the weak joints in the legs that are struggling to hold the creature's obese frame up.

    Name:  REVISED_LAYOUT.jpg
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    Artist: Epicraft

    Concept: Spitter Worm
    Here is my Spitter Final. These worms wait under the surface until the player gets with in range. They then emerge from the ground, walls or ceiling and begin firing their projectiles. I'm thinking the projectiles could be either some kind of acidic venom, or explosive plasma. Hope you all like it, and I want to give a special thanks to DefiledVision, for his very helpful advice. Without it I may never have gotten this far along with the painting. On a side note my image is a little fuzzy compared to my original, I'm using a jpg format which I think your supposed to use. However I can't seem to figure out how to keep it sharp. If any one knows how to fix this please let me know.

    Name:  Spitter fiinal 2.jpg
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    Artist: Tirwa

    Concept: Spitting Bug Critters
    The main ideas, is some bugs that've evolved to be spitting creatures. Their bellies contains some corrosive substance that they can spit. Being to heavy to move, they're well armored but have to protect their soft parts. They can protect themselves using their huge forearms while not firing.

    Name:  cow28007.jpg
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    Hi everyone, first of all, i must give thanks to all for that incredible artwork, gj gj gj, thats a awesome cow

    Artist: Ricardops

    Concept: Spitter concept art variations
    The siege engines called spitter are prepared to destroy worlds, they are part of an army created to obliterate planets, these machines use the planets resources against them, they devour all living matter, they digest it, and then expel excrement through the holes prepared for that.
    Throughout my studies, I found that some of them wear armor attached to their bodies, and through some canyons that connect with their digestive systems,they shoot their hellish shots...
    No planet that looks ever attacked by them will survive, none have succeeded yet, we can only pray that we do not have the same fate ...
    Archmage Samal.

    Name:  final cow 280.jpg
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