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@Daniel Hurd: Hey, thx, glad you like my stuff. As Alexa said don't try to get rid of that lines of yours. It's part of your style and it could be great with more volume information. And to my mind, you're not that far from de brief. I hardly imagine your creatures running like hell haha. And you still think they are too mobile, i'm sure you can't slighty modify them.

Well, back to the line thing. If you really wanna try to get a rendering without line, (and it's a good thing to explore other techniques sometimes) I think you should go into it as soon as you can during your workflow. Cause when you have a tight line art, it's sometime hard to destroy it. So keeping the line work quite rough may be easier, in my opinion. Futhermore, mass painting, makes the concept part easier, as you can easily make modification on it, as your ideas may also evolved while painting.

Well that's just my opinions by the way. :p
Your creatures are awesome! Loving the colors too. Thank you for the c&c, I really appreciate it. I am glad so many people enjoy my line art, it's really what I do best artistically. You are right about how difficult it is to get rid of the line art when it's really tight, However to grow and learn I definitely want to experiment like you said. Next COW I will probably try to paint the rough sketch and see how it turns out.

Thanks again Tirwa!!