So recently I've dipped my wick into the well of freelancing and a client is paying me about 50% upfront, so I'm very lucky to have such an honest guy as my client.

But the problem is, there's the agreed upon amount (For arguments sake, 1000 USD.) Since the AUD is around 0.96 to the USD, this means that I'm already down $41. Then apparently Paypal lumps in a currency conversion fee (In the case of Australia, $15.00). And then there's a complicated table explaining what the base transfer fee for invoicing internationally is, but for now I'm going to put it at 2.4% + 30c flat.

The point of all this math is, after we've agreed upon an amount obviously a lot of money gets lost in the process. Now for this particular job that I'm doing I'm not going to double back and ask the client to pay the extra hole because it was never agreed upon and would probably be rude, but I want to know for further reference what to do.

I think it's case by case; if the client says, 'My Budget is X' then it's my responsibility to check out all the mathematics behind it and see if the money I'm actually receiving is worth my time. But if I say 'my base working rate is X, and your scope will take Y amount of time, therefore with all taxes and fees included my quote is Z. I think who has right of way in this situation is all to do with bargaining power but I wanted to get your guy's experience on this.

Does anyone who has experience working internationally, especially with Paypal, have any advice on this matter? Specifically a way to bring the costs to the opposite party at the negotiating table. That would be much appreciated.