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    Mainly Planes, But Also Sketches

    Hello all,

    I've been doodling for years, but I've had a hard time getting myself to practice for more than a few days before I put it off.
    I'm not sure that I've ever put in enough dedicated practice to actually see major improvement, but it certainly feels like I'm on a plateau right now.
    So hopefully, by starting a sketchbook here, I'll be able to motivate myself to keep going.
    So here are a few sketches from the last couple of days. I'm going to try and keep it up to at least one sketch a day.

    Name:  sketch f5e.jpg
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    Name:  sketch ancient street.jpg
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    Name:  sketch fa18.jpg
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    This is supposed to be Patrick Stewart, but I think I transformed him into John Locke, somehow. :/ He's too wide and the head's not curved enough at the top.
    Name:  sketch picard.jpg
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    Really struggled with the shapes on this Sheridan. So much junk strapped to the hull and turret, it was hard to make out the shapes underneath. Excuses.
    Name:  sketch sherdian.jpg
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    Name:  sketch tornado 1.jpg
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    Name:  sketch tornado 2.jpg
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    If it's not clear enough by now, I find tanks and planes fascinating.

    Any tips, besides keep at it?

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    Some still life. Really had a hard time giving the tape measure the proper heft. Doesn't look nearly solid and bulky enough, and I'm not sure why.

    Name:  sketch still life 1.jpg
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    Woo, I made it a month with fairly consistent sketching. Feels good to start filling up a sketchbook.

    Enjoyed working with pen, I think making permanent marks helped me to take my time and place my lines precisely.

    Name:  tugboat.jpg
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    Name:  b25bomber.jpg
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    Name:  tankcar1.jpg
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    Name:  corsair1.jpg
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    Name:  car_sketches1.jpg
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    Name:  soyuz1.jpg
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    Name:  chipmunk.jpg
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    Name:  b17g.jpg
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    Name:  hunter_mirage.jpg
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    Name:  jeep1.jpg
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    Name:  uaz.jpg
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    Name:  mig15_f84f.jpg
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    Name:  f22.jpg
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    Name:  facesu2.jpg
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    Name:  eyes.jpg
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    Name:  building_Ju288.jpg
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    So how'd I do? Anything obvious I'm doing wrong? Going to keep at it.

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    Some attempts at timed quick gestures, about two minutes each, a gun and a wrecked car, and two faces.
    Name:  cargun1.jpg
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    Name:  dudeandlady.jpg
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    Name:  nudes1.jpg
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