Hello, I've always been intrested in digital art and for the past few years I've been doodling around with a Wacom Bamboo Fun (Small I believe) and it's been a decent tablet.
But the other day I found a shop which had the Wacom Intuos4 for about 350$, which I found to be a decent price since they are usually around 520-800$ here in Sweden.
So I'm wondering, is the tablet worth buying or should I wait to get another one? I do have the money but I don't want to get disappointed with the product if I decide to buy it.
After some quick googling I found out it apparently have a much more textured surface than the, bamboo which I've been drawing on and that the nibs would wear out way too quickly.
So I'm wondering if this is really true? First off, I've heard the surface gets smoother with use and the nibs wear less, or that you could use a plastic sheet on it. But then does the plastic sheet affect the pressure sensitivity I wonder?
Secondly, I'm not heavy on pencils in general, so I wonder if light strokes really wears them out as much as I've heard? Are they really that bad?
And my last question, is the bamboo pencil compatible with the Intuos4? or can i use the Bamboo nibs in the Intuos pencil?

Overall, is it a good or at least decent tablet for a hobbyist, I'd like to get some feedback from owners/users of this tablet asap so I can decide whether i should order it or lay low.