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Thread: Mafia's Sketchbook

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    Mafia's Sketchbook

    No, I'm not going to kneecap you.

    To get on with this, I'm a fifteen year old girl who's artwork sucks. Everyone always seems to be better than me no matter what I do. I'm overly lazy, and the fact that I see amazing artists everywhere makes me way less motivated.

    But. But, I could not care less about my feelings. (A bit of a paradox, but, hey, to each his own) I want to improve my art. I want to do the best I can. Give me your best, and give me your worst. I can handle anything. After all, I'm simply a child who's only wish is to improve.

    Please, annoy me as much as you can in order to get me to draw. My lazy butt needs it.

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    These were done with my tablet. Their dates vary, but they were done in order from last month to a few days ago. The last one is most recent and a WIP. None were done with references, and all were done with Sai. Maybe later I'll attempt to use my scanner and show what I've done in pencil. I like all my pencil stuff better. Have at it, bros.

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