Hello everyone!

I'm a self-tought artist currently living in th UK, who had this big dream 2 years ago - to become a professional digital artist and work for the entertainment industry. Right now I've narrowed this to one specific goal - I want to be concept artist working preferably in the video games industry and I want to achive this in 1 year from now. What you'll see beneath is the outcome of my last 2 year's effort. All these paintings were made in the last few months.
I'm looking for professional advice and crits from you guys with the aim to prepare the best portfolio I can make, and also to work on numerous flaws that you'll shurely find in my pictures.

Any general advice on what I should really focus on to include in my portfolio, or what should I learn will be very appreciated.

Some of these pics can be found also in my portoflio:

1. Troll
Name:  Troooollll800.jpg
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2. The flying Cauda
Name:  Episode-6---flying-bugs.jpg
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3.Abandoned town concept
Name:  Episode-8_800.jpg
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4. In the shadows
Name:  In-the-shadowsFinal.jpg
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5. Warrior girl
Name:  Warrior Girl.jpg
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6. Warrior girl character sheet
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