Hi my name is Jareth Bustamante. I am a sculptor that is open for commissions. I try my best improve my skills with every sculpt and provide commissioned sculptures that are great and cheap. I am currently open for a couple commissions though. Got a few sculptures that I am working on and can be seen in my works in progress folder of my account folder.
I can also mold and cast piece. The skull and a couple of dragon busts that I have made have been molded and casted and ready for sale.
The sculpture of Ryuk can be taken apart and can be molded and casted in separate pieces.
I have recently dabbled in pumpkin carving, but of right now I am sticking to non perishable sculpture commissions. I will continue practicing with other alternative foods to improve for next halloween since pumpkins won't be in stores till then.
Here are some of my sculptures that I have made.
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