Art: Amateur stop-motion, here's my world premiere!
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    Amateur stop-motion, here's my world premiere!

    Hello whoever is reading this!

    My name is Felix, I'm 22 and i wish to become a 3d animator one day, making movies for Pixar is my highest dream!

    I'm a huge fan of what you are doing on this website, I've surfed it for months but never had the guts to show my work, I've been very scared of what people will think when they see my "work".

    This is my second ever made cut-out animation, and boy do i love making these kinds of things.

    I experimented a lot with after effects ( hadn't tried it before) And i experimented with lights, for instance i used UV-lights in a dark room for some of the captured pictures and well.. see for yourself.

    This 2.33minute "piece" took me almost 2 months of work everyday after school, i used it as an application for a beginners art class, they turned me down so i thought it was shite.. And i thought whoever looked at it thought i was a mad man, but i kind of was, got stuck in symbolics and metaphors for a while when making this movie.

    I'm swedish and it was meant for a Swedish audience, so I'll have to translate three sentences for y'all.

    "det finns en handling" = There is a plot in this movie

    "och livet har en mening" = And life has a purpose. (at the moment this was an ironic thing with the movie not having a plot, what, so, ever. but you grow up)

    "Men kejsaren är naken" = The emperor is nude (reference to the old tale of the emperor walking around without clothes, believing that he actually has clothes, because he is told so, and if he doesn't accknowledge the clothes he stands the chance of being called ignorant)

    The reason i started doing stop-motion before going into the heavy 3d-computer based programs is hard to explain, i like the feeling of a low fps stop-motion.

    If you have any thoughts or just wanna say hi, I'll gladly have a chat about things.

    What should i keep in mind for my next work? I'm feeling ready to jump back up on the horse after the rejection thingie, shouldnt take things like that too heavy i think ^__^

    Thats all for now, feel free to watch the other movies on my youtube acc, the claymation compilation is a compilation of the experiments i had first week in the studio.

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    Has some very cool color play and sfx image editing.
    the movement is a bit stilted but the as it moves along ithink it gets better as it moves along

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