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    Sketchbook of Theeroos

    Hello! (:
    my name is Rosa, or Theeroos (tearose) I've been drawing off and on as a hobby since I've been a kid. I used to dream about getting a career as a children's book illustrator, but have since given up on that (though secretly I still have some hopes ) The problem was that every time I decided to once again get serious about my drawing, (instead of just doodling and sketching whenever/whatever I felt like); I focused too much on trying to imitate a style suitable for children's books. Rather than practicing the basics of drawing itself. Ultimately I would then get discouraged (as my "stylized" drawings ended up looking like crap) and give up.
    But now I'm going to try once again, and this time not because of some far away dream, but just for me, because I want to get better at all aspects of drawing, and eventually painting too (though I'm gonna leave that until much, much later)
    I'v been lurking on here for years, never dared to post anything though, and didn't see much point in making a sketchbook. But I figured I could use all the help and additional motivation I could get, so here I am (:
    I've dusted off my sketchbook and been drawing everything around me since a couple of days, I spend most of my afternoon scanning some of it in, but as it turns out I either sketch too lightly, or I have a crap scanner; most of my sketches are barely visible. I do have a few that survived though.
    I also have a whole bunch of quick sketches from posemaniacs, done with ballpoint pen. I tried it with my tablet first, and then a pencil, but I found that using a pen made me less afraid to just scribble around. Since I can't erase or undo, there's no point trying to get a pretty picture, so I can focus more on just drawing. They're kind of a mess, as I'm still figuring out the best way to go about doing them, but I think some of them turned out alright. The first 2 pages are 90 secs, the rest is 30.
    And lastly Vilppu sketches; I just started today in the Vilppu drawing manual, and I'm still in the beginning of it, but already I feel like I've learned so much! I've tried the Loomis books before, since there easy to access but I never really got into it. Vilppu on the other hand is really lively and fun to draw. So I tried using his methods using virtual poses as reference, the first 3 or so really suck, but I think they get a bit better (:
    But wait, I'm not finished yet! I have a question about pencils; I have no experience when it comes to the many different materials there are to use. What would you recommend for a (somewhat) beginning artist to use for still lifes and such? So far when sketching I always use a hard mechanical pencil, but that doesn't really work when trying to do more detailed drawings, I did dug up a 4B pencil somewhere, but it still felt rather limited in how much value difference I could get (though maybe that's just my inexperience) I've also been drawing fairly small so far, my sketchbook is about the size of half an A4, but I want to get a bigger one for more detailed studies.
    Well, that was all for now, thank you for reading all this, and if you have any tips/crits for me, I'd love to hear them. There are so many things to learn, I don't really know where to start. For now I will be focusing on doing pencil studies of still lifes and such, as well as practicing anatomy. If you have any suggestions for good exercises I should do or books I could get, that would be great Thanks!

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