Hello. I am completely not sure if I am posting in the right place so please excuse me if I don't.
To begin with, I like drawing. I really started drawing at school - drew anime characters when had nothing to do at classes. An awful experience indeed. Later on I moved to something more serious and realistic, traditional basics, but soon dropped it all.

Now I am 16 and I am returning to my dream. This time I am serious about it. I want to draw. No, I don't want to be an artist, I don't want to be a hireable artist. I just want a simple thing. If I get sudden inspiration or an idea I want to be able to draw something I would enjoy. A very blurry description, but let's state what I want: basics of color, proper perspective, basics of anathomy, basic ability to draw characters, basic ability to draw enviroments and landscapes, shading. I think that's it.

Now to the main problem. I can't take art classes. I just don't have the time. At least right now I don't. I am a first year student and I barely have any time for anything (I am always learning 100 things and taking part in two times more things).

I can't define a learning path for myself. Cab you help me? Can you tell me where I can show my work to get criticism? Where to learn basics?