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Thread: Leahanna Cortes Portfolio

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    Leahanna Cortes Portfolio

    Hey, my name's Leahanna Cortes. I'm a recent high school graduate hoping to start art school for animation.

    I am looking to learn to better my technique, learn everything I can (gestural and figure drawing specifically), so that I can go to a good college and get a decent paying job where I can do what I love.

    I am looking for input on the things that will allow me to reach my goals above and would appreciate any assistance.

    Any help is much appreciated!

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    - Side note, I've never had any classes and I haven't had anyone that would know how to construct an art portfolio to help me... so any tips on how to work on a portfolio and refine it so that I can apply in the next few months (I love details, also.)

    - Another side note; I don't know how I should tackle gesture drawing. I have a hard time making is sketchy and loose.

    Not surprising, I guess, I'm aiming to get into CalArts.

    I need to apply in the upcoming months.

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    You're a good art student as i can see, you should to practice a few things that will help you a lot with you future career in animation. First thing of all don't be shy with your lines! Forget about being perfect when you're drawing unless you're drawing to be perfect (like when you need to do anatomical tables or blueprints or something like that). You need to be able to draw correctly and draw fast to be able to catch poses or ideas in something like 30 seconds or one minute. This kind of exercise will help you a lot cause you will need to be fast with your lines so you automatically tend to do the best line you can with gesture, the more you draw like this in this time limit the more you become confident about your lines and where they need to be placed... so practice a lot! Second thing that should be help you a lot and that will show you that you have a huge knowledge about anatomy (even if you don't, who cares? you need to let the other thinks that you do, there's time to learn) is to draw motion sequences. Let a parent or a friend help you and do motion sequences, 3 to 5 drawings of a movement (like walking or rolling or waving) whatever you can think, draw them fast, catch the major detail and do a lot of them (you can even take a movie an start copying motion from there, you have a lot of possibilities).

    You should be fine

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