Hey everyone. I'm a new member to these forums. I actually posted this character the other day in another section of this website but it never showed up. I didn't notice the graphic design section here on conceptart.org and I think it would be more appropriate to ask for critiques here.

I recently started messing around with illustrator in order to increase my knowledge of other art and design programs. I made this pig sheriff character hoping it would be a nice demonstration of my illustrator skill. I'd really like some thoughts and feedback from other artists on this piece. It's my first real work in illustrator not counting some simple things I did in school way back when.

Sooo, when I look at the character and look at other artists work done in illustrator, I think it could use a lot of work. I'm thinking I should add more shading and maybe change line width here and there. Anyway, I'd really appreciate any tips or where and how I can improve my pig sheriff character. Thanks guys.