i can draw ok from my head but not nearly as well without using a reference. this is upsetting me because how is this an "art" if you have to copy someone's work. its a craft. and i know that saying "you have to draw 1000 hands to be able to comfortably draw hands from your imagination". but honestly, i dont wanna draw everything a thousand times. i feel like a human copying machine. and dont get me started on those people that use grids. whats the point of this? to recreate a picture that already exists? i feel like what i want to draw is limited to what i can find in a decent quality on google images. now i could just draw from my head for fun, but it doesnt come out nearly as good and i dont think that improves you really. also, i would like to reach a professional level some day. this frustrates me that i have to sit there and copy other people's work.