I have a main interest in film editing and visuals in general but lately Ive been considering animation. Thing is Ive only taken a couple of drawing classes in college, and Im hoping that I have enough skills to have me be a good animation student. The classes I've taken werent demanding, somehow even though I lacked drawing & art skills I still was able to be top of my class. Teachers seem to think I stand out, but I know my art is both bad and frustrating. I understand some fundementals to pencil drawing, but I can't say that I'm particularly good at it at all. I want to know if I need said skills and if I do then why since animation isnt concept art?

On a relevant matter, is it okay to do 2 year degree in animation school? Its kinda costly but i know if somehow I could be good at it, it would be worth it. I just dont want to make a mistake.