I am taking a few months off from school to work on my portfolio so I can apply to an internship in january. In the meantime, I decided to learn photoshop by taking up a class and to do tutorials that I can find that will help me to better my art but this software really frustrates me. I have never touched photoshop until I went to college and in college, I wish we could have passed more time on how to properly use this software. The techniques they showed us is good for a certain style but that not I want to achieve (espacially for my backgrounds).

I just seem to not be able to get a grasp of it! It really frustrates me! And in 2D animation, it seems to be mandatory to be able to use it (right?) and it really stresses me out! I really love to draw by hand and I never color my stuff because of that. It happenned a couple of times where I did a neat drawing and someone asked me ''You should totally color this!'' but I just feel that I can't! If you go on my deviantart page, you will see that I have nothing in color, it's all sketches and line art.

So, if I apply for an internship at an animation studio, do I really have to put stuff in color in my portfolio? Is it something mandatory? Are there artist who still only does work on pencil and paperat those big animation studios?

Since the date for the applications is quickly coming soon, I'm getting more and more stressed about it! I once asked my digital painting teacher how long it took him to become good with photoshop (An d believe me, he's freaking amazing!) and he said it took him 4 years! 4 years?! I DON'T HAVE 4 YEARS! I harely have 2 months and a half to get a hold of it and I'm feeling I'm getting nowhere! PLUS, I will soon be working on my student short film, which implies MORE photoshop! I want to be able to do something of quality with my short film and I don't want it to be ruined by bad coloring. AAAaaarrrrgggg!!!!!!

Someone please enlight me!

(Sorry for the second depressing post)