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    Sketchbook from Seoul!

    Ok, so my name is Seoul, Galrent on here, and I've been in to art for a while, but never really sought to better myself. As of recently, I've been trying to figure out poses, perspective, anatomy, and the works. It's been slow progress and sometimes I can't quite figure out what I'm doing wrong, so I figured some critiques would help with that.

    Anyways, the main focus of my studies as of right now will be perspective and anatomy. So, please feel free to give advice as you see fit.

    My opening picture will be one of a foot that I've drawn.

    Name:  PART_1351958914271.jpg
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    There's something off about it, but I can't really tell what.
    I'll be sure to post more in a little bit, thanks ahead of time for any critiques!
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    Post number two!

    Sorry I didn't post yesterday. I was drawing for a while, then I got frustrated so I started scribbling and doodling.. (I get low blood sugars sometimes, but I'm not sure if I'm diabetic or not. o.o)
    Anyways, I was just coming to update my sketchbook, and to check for replies. (Which I don't have any of. D: ) So, yeah. Here's four of my "studies."

    This first one is actually the last drawing I've done today. I was trying to figure out what makes the female figure look femine. (I know it has to do with the shoulders and hips, but I can't determine what about them.)
    Name:  PART_1352156470357.jpg
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    I decided to include these two because I believe they're the most anatomically correct of my drawings so far. If you see anything that could be changed about them, feel free to tell me.
    Name:  PART_1352156514941.jpg
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    In this one, I was tying to figure out the perspective of a random head. The first two look pretty good, but the last one makes the back of the head way to flat to be the same person.
    Name:  PART_1352156616536.jpg
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    And on this one, I was trying to use a linebacker's pose to draw from. (Found here: I can't quite figure out how to make it look like the right arm has depth to it. I know you can use values to do that, but it doesn't look right to me.
    Name:  PART_1352156687697.jpg
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    Anyways.. Sorry about the low quality of the pictures, sometime (within the next two weeks hopefully,) I'll be getting a tablet pen for my tablet, so it'll be much easier to look at. I hope someone can help me with any mistakes they see. See you guys in a few days!

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