Hey there, I wanted to try out conceptart.org because it seems like a place where I could really grow...so uhm...here I go .I hope I'm doing this right.But first and foremost I'd like to take note of some artist's woes I took notice of...

Artist Woes :

#1 : My style is constantly changing.
Now I see this as two things it's either a) It's a sign of quick improvement and that I learn easily or b) I can't commit to one style at all and I keep on experimenting and experimenting until I want to find another type of style I want to try out

#2 : I find no consistency in my works.One day I draw to my satisfaction...the other well.....I draw like my hand's crippled like there's no tomorrow.And it's not just style too! I find that my coloring technique varies from each sketch/doodle/piece I do.

Well.....will be updated from time to time.And since my scanner's being quite a unresponsive, have some of the stuff I post over at my tumblr

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By the way... I am known by many names...Selixe...Rish...but call me Tim