Spartan Camp #243 - 50 gestures + Optional "Running/Jumping Study"

The aim is to produce 50 gestures by Sunday the 4th of November.

- The gestures can be of anything, human, animal, cavorting capybaras.... You can draw full figures, but you can also go for heads, arms, eyes, or anything specific. All media can be used, both digital or traditional. Coloured or black/white. Quick scribbles or long studies. Imagination or referenced. Clothed or nude. Specifics are up to you!

- In addition to this, participants can choose to do an Optional "Running/Jumping", in any medium.
Additional notes on this weeks’ Optional Study:

The Background
When gesture drawing from reference, for instance when using gesture drawing tools, we tend to come cross poses that may be dynamic, but are also stable. These reference images are frequently taken in studios, and taking optimal pictures tend to require relatively fixed positions.

The Exercise
This week, the optional study will focus a little on the type of poses we tend to see less in our reference images because they require a lot of room, momentum and movement. Examples include jumping, running, diving, falling, sliding, and so forth. Lots of action, moving the entire body as a whole. You can study one or several of these figures, the best way to do this may be by including some of these poses in your usual set of gestures.

No specific links for now, feel free to do suggestions. For the sake of this study, sports images and dancers come to mind.

As always- reference advised, not obligatory. Colour, medium, time frame, any specifics are up to you! Good luck and have fun! And feel free to ask questions!

Upcoming Optional Studies
Specialized anatomy study - The name may change. The study will include choosing a single anatomical target (say, an arm), and producing three sketches. One addresses the skeleton, one for the inner anatomy such as musculature, and one is an outer view.

50 poses is a challenge, but don't hurry or stress yourself reaching it! Focus on drawing, as practising is the main goal of this exercise.

Criticizing each other is highly encouraged!! Share constructive criticism, reference images and resources!! Let's help each other get better!

Come on soldiers! Flex those muscles!!