Hi everyone, I'm using Painter12 since day one it was released and I'm keeping it updated (now it's version12.2) and the same is for the iMac that is hosting it, which has OSX Lion installed and update to the latest version.

Yesterday I tried to create a new color set from an image and Painter started not repsonding, and after 5 minutes of waiting I saw that the program returned normal and I was able to use it again with the new color set. I hten tried to add a new one and again it took over 5 minutes to do that. Since I have the same set on my MacBookPro I tried there and the color set were created in few seconds, so I assumed that the problem was the workspace of Painter which can have been corrupted so I reset it.

After the reset everyting was fine and the color set were created faster but then I started doing my personalizations to the workspace and after I added two legacy papers to the paper library the problem of the slowness in creating new color sets did arise again.

Apart from this big problem a new problem even bigger is occourring since that time: while I'm painting with no reasons the level of luminosity of the painting changes by itself becoming higher! I just select a brush, or a paper, or create a new layere and bump! The luminosity of the painting increase by itself and the contrast goes down!!!

This happenes 5 times in 25 minutes of painting and it's causing me a lot of troubles.

Does anyone know how to solve this two severe issues?

Thank you very much.