Hey guys. wind is soundin' pretty cool outside my window. Northern Jersey so ..should be okay.
anyways did this at 1AM ..like now.. pretty bored.


Watched walking dead and a Very Venture Halloween, which was awesome, looks like Dean is going to become a bad-ass. I love Venture Brothers.
gonna go watch THX1138 possibly in a sec... if the DVD things takes AVI format... -.-

so anyone else feelin the Hurricane?

Was gonna post this in Random chatter but meh... idk.

Let me know what you guys think of my drawing and drawing process. Comments, crit, questions all welcome. any of your videos? Of your process? post it!

anyways mostly worried about my power going out. hope my power doesn't go out....

Watch Hurricane Sandy be like -> Name:  hahahano.gif
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and happy birthday Bob Ross

at least we're not facing THE NINO