US General Erection 2012
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Thread: US General Erection 2012

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    This is pretty interesting: Views on the elections from correspondants around the world.

    Latin America



    and from many other places round the world

    I think this reflects many global citizens views on the election in general

    Quote Originally Posted by India
    Indians are puzzled by the electoral system, which is so difficult to understand. The electoral college vote prevailing over the popular vote and the holding of elections on a working day instead of a weekend do not make sense. Indians are perplexed by the American obsession for issues such as abortion and same-sex relationships. They are amazed by the strength of the gun lobby despite the hundreds of killings of innocent people in high schools and college campus and shopping centers caused by the free availability of guns. Indians are frustrated with their own political leaders and parties who sacrifice national interests for the sake of winning elections by pandering to narrow communitarian and group interests. They are depressed by the fact that even in a mature democracy like the US, the Democrats and the Republicans make similar style decisions. Obama's victory in the last election was an inspiration for India's large and diverse democracy. The fact that an inexperienced, young middle class African-American outsider could challenge the system and win the election to become the President renewed the confidence in the authenticity of the American democratic system. The bottom-up grassroots mobilization of support using the power of Internet by Obama was remarkable.
    I thought this part of the German one gave a very good breakdown of most Europeans attitudes to the Republicans:

    Quote Originally Posted by germany
    "Germans still remember the tensions around the contested US invasion of Iraq, then US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld’s arrogant depiction of Germany and France as “old Europe”, and President George W. Bush’s missionary speeches justifying his War on Terror. Their disapproval of the current Republican presidential nominee might therefore to a large extent be rooted in the bad reputation of the Republican Party. Due to constant negative media portrayal of the Tea Party Movement and individual figures like George W. Bush, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Rick Santorum, and Newt Gingrich, the German public associates the Republican Party mainly with right-wing politicians of the ideologically-extreme, culturally-conservative, religiously-fundamentalist or populist sort. Conservative fanaticism of the type that periodically erupts during anti-abortion or pro-death penalty manifestations alienates German observers. The fierce opposition of Republicans against Obamacare is hardly comprehensible for the citizens of the country that first invented social security programs almost 130 years ago. In turn, Obama’s struggle against social inequality caters to the social-democratic mentality of the German populace.

    Aside from the negative image of his party, Germans view Mitt Romney with unease not only due to his former occupation as an investment banker, his affluence, the tax evasion allegations raised against him, or his strange religious affiliation. His changes of position on issues like abortion or healthcare are frequently referred to in the news and make him appear as opportunistic and unprincipled."

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