I"m looking for some good resources in working with oil pastels.

I've found a set that was given to me years ago and come to like
this instrument. Oil pastels in particular...I like how they blend and
how they can produce somewhat realistic scenarios.

Is there anyone the uses this as a primary resource for their work?
Any reference on great material and technique? I've found some
on the internet but not that much...what I've found helped a bit
and it's great stuff...but not much else...

Please note, that I am talking about oil pastels specifically...not
the chalk kind. I kind of like the idea of this as apposed to painting.

Also note, I am very beginner-ish when it comes to this stuff...and my
goal is to use this medium in the capacity at which one would use
oil paint...as a replacement and perhaps filling in with other mediums.

Any thoughts, questions, and/or suggestions?

Thanks ahead of time.