**Posting this as duplicate from official Wacom forums**

Hi, in short: stylus became too damn sensitive. I am using Bamboo Fun Pen&Touch tablet (older one CTH-661, without shiny black buttons) for year and half and this issue appeared few days ago:

You know, when you want to draw a line, you touch a tablet with stylus tip and draw it. Easy. My line is drawn when stylus is ~50mm away from tablet surface. So I don't need to touch a tablet and line is being drawn without touching tablet surface. Single click works same - tablet became active when stylus is about 50 milimeters away from the surface. When I want to drag a slider or Navigator in PS it also works without touching. Working with this is impossible.
Touching tablet with stylus has no effect, bottom button on stylus doesn't work either. Eraser and upper button are OK.
So problem is somewhere in stylus I guess.

Anyone any ideas besides buying a new tablet? Or my Wacom's time is up and it's dying?