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    Question Thesis' help - Books on concept art & Architecture


    I'm an architecture student and i'll be doing my final dissertation/thesis next year which I want it to be about concept art and I have to somehow relate it with architecture. I'm not sure how I can do this, specially because I've been having a lot of difficulty finding books or essays for my bibliography... All the books I find just seem to have a collection of pictures and art, and what I need is some kind of reflection or study on the relation between concept art and architecture.
    I specially like concept art with medieval/fantasy themes and one option would be to pick a historical era, for example the middle ages, reinvent it as concept art for something or analyse things that have already been done in this aspect and compare the differences and similaritys with our actual medieval times.
    But it seems to be a very raw theme and again I need to have a good list of book references otherwise my university might not accept my thesis' theme :/

    Is there anyone that can help with this (sugestions on better defining my thesis' theme would also be great) specially if they could tell me some good books that would help me
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    if I were you i'd define my thesis' theme like this:
    how architecture inspire and influence concept artists - comparison of existing buildings and paintings

    talking about books it'll be really hard to find one connected to such specific subject

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    Tons of ways to go - check out these guys: Lebeus Woods, Hugh Ferriss, Paolo Soleri, Santiago Calatrava, Buckminster Fuller, Vauban...and of course Syd Mead.

    Edit: Hint: All architecture starts out with concept art first.
    What would Caravaggio do?

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    You are talking about design. Specifically architectural design. Call it what it is.
    This misuse of the phrase concept art is annoying as the term didn't exist 20 years ago even in the field it is applied to the most, entertainment.

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    @takashmen : yup I've been thinking of something of that sort, It seems like a good ideia I'm still worried about the fact that there isn't really any books ou essays on the matter (that I can find). I'm going to have to talk to my teacher about that and see if that isn't a big problem.
    But thanks for the help

    @JeffX99: My teacher also told me to look up Hugh Ferriss and Paolo Soleris, but I don't think that's what I'm look for. At least from Feriss his picture where mainly skyscrapers and etc that is something I'm not really very fond of... xD I don't know the other and haven't looked them uo yet, but the problem with what I saw of Feriss is that is too "architectural" and I can't really connect him with Concept Art :/
    But thanks anyway

    @dpaint : no, I actually really talking about concept art and not architectural design (that's why it's been more dificult to related it to architecture)

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