Dear Artist,

My name is Chris, and i would like to take a second of your time. I know that we are all busy in life with projects and other on goings. So thank you for this moment. i have spent the past 4 years with a single thought in my head: A card game. Please understand, I wanted to be a programmer but with my lack of spelling skills, writing code would have been to hard for me. Hence, I got an idea for a card game. At this point in my project I am about 2 months away from filing my patent on it. I'm just waiting on getting the money for the fees, but it is written. My card game will be off limits to other company's that would not be allowed to sell, buy manufacture and ship. In other words the card game is mine hands down. which brings me to this site. I need an artist. It should be understood that i don't even have the money to file the patent right now, let alone hire an artist. So yes i am sad to say that even if i had the art i would not be able to manufacture the cards. Yet there is one major game changer. If i have the art work (mind you i do have the layouts of the cards made, i did it my self) i would be able to get my project on kick-starter. Kick-starter helps people get the funds needed to start up projects, such as my game. So In short if i get an artist(s) to help me get on to kick-starter and get funded, I would be able to processed with the production and selling of the game. Once i am funded, we can discuss a form of payment, whether payment from the founding i receive from kickstarter or a royalty for each unit i sell after i am funded.This has been my dream for the past 4 years. I know most of you have worked on stuff as long or even longer then i have. Help me with my dream. I would like to work further with any artist that helps me, on newer sets of cards for the game after kickstarter gets me on my feet. Feel Free to respond and we can discuss more by email or over Skype. Thank you again for your time.